If a Fusion bag displays a rubber “Clip-on” badge, it indicates that the bag has rear clip-straps that attach it to a folding trolley which can be purchased separately. When not in use the clip-on straps can be tucked away out of sight.  A great idea to carry heavier equipment you need to take to a gig.  “Clip-on” can be found on the Cymbal bags and certain models of Brass, Woodwind and Keyboard bags.


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You may have fond memories of performing at certain venues, but transporting your very heavy equipment to these gigs is not likely to be remembered in such high regard. This can change with our clip-on gig bags here at Fusion Bags. We are a reliable company for travelling musicians who require suitable equipment for carrying heavy loads to and from gigs without causing physical discomfort. This can be an unfortunate consequence of commuting to various places around the country. We firmly believe that Fusion gig bags are the future of instrument protection and transportation for musicians. For more information on our range of options contact a member of our team today.

It is perfectly understandable that musicians want their expensive equipment to be fully protected and well looked after when they travel to different locations and this can be achieved through owning our keyboard gig bags. We realise that space is needed along with easy access to equipment so this can be quickly assembled and ready for use. At Fusion Bags we specialise in providing comfortable and effective storage for all kinds of instruments that can be transported on your shoulders without causing aches and pains.

Gig Bags

Our gig bays that display a clip-on badge mean that it can have a folding trolley attached to it for easier transportation. The trolley can be purchased separately and having wheels considerably lowers the effort of moving equipment around. This is important for heavy equipment, which can be difficult to carry for long distances while walking. The clip-on feature is found on cymbal bags, along with some models of woodwind and brass bags. If the straps are not needed then they can be tucked away out of sight, but it is always reassuring to know they can be used if necessary.

Having different options for carrying musical equipment is very useful depending on the length and nature of your upcoming gig. More equipment may be required if you are due to play a longer set than your previous one. For this reason, the clip-on feature could be highly effective because the trolley may reduce the strain of carrying items on your back. Our bags have the qualities of reliable travel and hiking equipment and protect instruments. Buying your cymbals will not be cheap so it is vital it’s fully protected and Fusion Bags help fulfil this aim.

Why Choose Fusion Bags?

If you’re looking for a bag with the clip-on system to attach it to a trolley then look no further than what we offer at Fusion Bags. We have supplied professionals with excellent equipment since 2008 and have already built up a good reputation thanks to our reliability. Our clip-on bags are one of several good options for musicians so give us a call on 0800 1300 264 or contact us via email if you would like more information.