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When travelling around from gig to gig, it is of paramount importance that your instruments and equipment remain protected from the start of your journey to the end. As a DJ, it’s more than likely you’ll be carrying around extremely expensive equipment, the cost of which will be huge if it were to be damaged in transit. Fortunately, this is where Fusion Bags come in.

Our range of sound and audio bags are designed with the DJ in mind – sleek, stylish and above all, strong. The profession as a whole has evolved so much in recent years thanks to the digital revolution, meaning it is no longer a question of investing in a bag for your records and a wallet for your CDs. Instead, the whole host of electronic devices that now accompany the modern DJ must also be catered for with DJ equipment bags specifically designed for this purpose – something that our revolutionary ‘zip-away’ feature caters for with considerable ease. 

Arriving at a venue for a performance should be as stress-free as possible; the last thing any artist about to play in front of a room full of people needs is a struggle setting up their equipment. With our sound and audio bags, this worry will be a thing of the past – all of the bags in this range are able to unzip completely, meaning that access when loading or removing your devices and equipment is as seamless as it is safe. 

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DJ Equipment Bags

Each and every bag in the collection offers exactly the same protection. The layer of shower-proof rip-stop material may not sound like a revolutionary feature, but when you realise that it covers 20mm of high density foam padding to keep your equipment safe from external leaks and damage, you’ll begin to see the true thought that has gone into crafting these DJ equipment bags.

As well as this, they are reinforced with heavy duty textured base panels and rounded off with robust corner protectors, making their life in transit a much easier one. Combine this with the fact they are lined with a multitude of pockets and pouches ready to store all the bits and pieces that provide the finishing touches to your set-up – this can be from integrated MP3 and mobile phone pockets to internal padded controller and mixer sleeves. 

Functionality and mobility are absolutely integral to the life of the modern musician. The ability to create even the smallest space into a popup work station is something that cannot be understated in terms of value – our DJ equipment bags are able to provide you with exactly that. 

Specialist Products from Fusion Bags

Here at Fusion Bags, we ensure that all of our products are created with the demands of the professional musician firmly in mind. Our commitment to quality and to keeping our prices as affordable as possible has been instrumental in establishing ourselves as a brand with the reputation we have today – something we wish to continue long into the future.

For more information regarding our sound and audio bags, or indeed any of the other products that we have in stock, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.

Here are the features that each DJ and Laptop bags share: The ingenious “Zip-away” feature. All of the bags can fully unzip making it easy to gain access to load or remove gear without damaging equipment.

All our DJ bags offer the same protection. They all have shower proof rip-stop material that covers 20 mm (0.79 ins) high density foam padding. The bags are reinforced with robust corner protectors and heavy duty textured base panels. There are numerous pockets and pouches which provide ample storage space. Internal padded controller and mixer sleeves. Chunky backpack straps with integrated MP3 & mobile phone pockets. 

There are four bags in the Fusion Tablet & Laptop series. These bags are identical in design and function; they work exactly the same way as each other and all feature a removable sleeve that can be used as an individual item... a bag within a bag. All of the Laptop Bags can fully unzip making it easy to load or remove your device. It also provides the ultimate office space, a mobile desk where you have all your accessories at hand.

Download the DJ Equipment/Bag-Size Chart HERE


Airline Travel Airline Travel

If you need to take your bag on an airplane, please match the below external bag measurements against the on-board luggage restrictions of the airline you are travelling with:

Download the Airline Carry-on Luggage Chart HERE 

DJ Mix
530 x 400 x 230 mm (20.87 x 15.75 x 9.06") 
Micro Workstation
300 x 280 x 150 mm (11.81 x 11.02 x 5.90”)
DJ Backpack
480 x 460 x 290 (18.90 x 18.11 x 11.42")
Midi Workstation
400 x 310 x 160 mm (15.75 x 12.20 x 6.30”)
Workstation DJ
480 x 460 x 290 mm (18.90 x 18.11 x 11.42")
Maxi Workstation
450 x 350 x 170 mm ( 17.72 x 13.78 x 6.69”)
Workstation Controller
600 x 400 x 200 mm (23.62 x 15.70 x 7.87")
Mega Workstation
455 x 380 x 200 mm (17.91 x 14.96 x 7.87”)
DJ Controller
785 x 390 x 220 mm (30.91 x 15.35 x 8.66 ")