Our ‘Zip-away’ system means our Fusion bag can be fully opened for you to store or remove any equipment easily. This concept is found in both the DJ Series of bags and the Notebook & Laptop series. It protects delicate sliders and buttons found on expensive controllers and decks, and reveals a portable office where you have all your accessories and personal items at hand, ideal for commuters and musicians who travel frequently.

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Your days of struggling with your DJ equipment are over, thanks to our line of Zip-away DJ bags. These innovative gig bags are perfect for any professional DJ who has to carry expensive equipment from venue to venue. If you’re looking for an easy new way of getting your equipment safely from A to B without causing any damage, we have the perfect product for you.

If one of our gig bags features a rubber Zip-away badge, this means that the bag can be zipped entirely open and closed, giving you quick and easy access to your equipment without risking damage to delicate buttons, knobs and faders. They’re also the ideal bags for laptops, notebooks, iPads or anything else you might need in a portable office. If you have any questions about our Zip-away range of gig bags, call Fusion Bags today.

We’re incredibly proud of our DJ gig bags, and we guarantee that you’ll be as thrilled with your new Zip-away as we are. If you have any questions about our Zip-away series, or any of our other gig bags, call us on 0044 (0)1924 609711 or drop us a message today.