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Fusion Is Taking Back Control 0

Fusion's success has been the result of plenty of hard work and some substantial risk taking - including taking back distribution and selling direct. MIN's Hannah Mc Adams speaks to Nicole Szekeres to find out more.The Fusionistas are taking back control

Since entering the market in 2008, Fusion has become one of the gig bag-makers of choice for musicians of every genre. Led by a trio of enterprising and creative professionals, Fusion has certainly proved itself a force to be reckoned with. With over 30 distributors worldwide and UK stores jumping on board, we were keen to find out the secrets of their success. We spoke to Fusion's director of marketing and sales Nicole Szekeres, who was happy to share the origins of the company.

"In 2008 one of the co-founders, Amanda Wheatley, was working as a freelance designer for one of UK's biggest MI bag manufacturers, who like so many businesses at the start of the recession, declared bankruptcy. It was at this time that Amanda, myself and two other co-founders - Wendy Caldwell and Theli Renwick - sat around a dining room table and created Fusion.