If a Fusion bag displays a rubber "Fuse-on" badge it indicates that it can be attached quickly and easily onto the front of an instrument bag with four strong hook-and-loop straps that are fed through D rings. Most instrument bags can only hold one attachment bag but the Guitar bag can hold two, one on the headstock and one on the base of the instrument. This concept has been developed especially for musicians who are travelling or lead busy lifestyles and need extra space to carry accessories, food & drinks, spare clothing or even a laptop.

Fuse-on Bags

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With our Fuse-on bags your days struggling with getting your instrument from gig to gig are over. Our Fuse-On range of gig bags are perfect for any professional musician on the go who has to travel from venue to venue with multiple instruments, clothing and even a laptop. Whether you’re a guitarist in a band or a cornetist on the stage, we have the ideal solution for you here today. Look out for the Fuse-On badge when looking for a new gig bag today.

If one of our Fusion attachment gig bags displays a rubber “Fuse-On” badge, you’re in luck. This means that it can be quickly, easily and securely attached to any of our Fuse-on instrument gig bags in the Urban or Premium Series. This innovative system allows you to fuse your instrument and accessory gig bags together with four strong hook-and-loop straps, fed through sturdy D-rings. This leaves you with a single, easy-to-carry bag, giving you one of your hands back as you focus on getting on or off the train. Here at Fusion Bags we design the most innovative bags for professional musicians, so if you need a new gig bag or attachment gig bag, call Fusion Bags now.

Attachment Gig Bags

Our Fuse-On instrument bags in the Urban and Premium Series all hold at least one Fuse-On attachment gig bag, with our guitar bags holding two – one over the headstock and one over the body. This concept of fusing gig bags together was developed to simplify the process of travelling between venues, allowing you to carry more luggage a lot more easily than ever before. Attachment gig bags by Fusion Bags are perfect for all manner of things, from extra cables, mutes and a music stand to extra clothes and a laptop.

The cherry on this proverbial cake is that all of our Fuse-on attachment gig bags are fully functional backpacks. We even sell our bags in a range of colours from the instantly recognisable black and lime to the timeless, sleek and subtle jet black. This means that you can leave your instrument in the hotel while you hit the town for dinner with your attachment bag doubling up as a stylish backpack or courier bag. We test all of our products on professional musicians who travel with their instruments, constantly refining our innovations until we are left with the perfect products. If you’re a busy, travelling musician who wants simplicity when travelling between gigs, call Fusion Bags today.

Why Choose Fusion Bags?

Here at Fusion Bags we’ve been committed to producing the most innovative high quality gig bags since 2008. Over the years we’ve continually tested and refined our products, and this is no different with our flagship Fuse-On range of instrument and attachment gig bags. We’re incredibly proud of our products, and guarantee that you’ll be as happy with your new gig bag as we are. If you have any questions about our Fuse-On range of gig bags, make sure you call us on 0800 1300 264 or drop us a message today.