If you play the keyboard professionally, you may find travelling to gigs with your instrument challenging. Keyboards aren’t the most lightweight of instruments, and hard cases are bulky at best. However, with our hybrid keyboard gig bags you will never have to struggle to get to a performance again. If you play a 25-49 key keyboard, you are sure to love our range of convenient, secure and durable bags. Our Keyboard 1 and Keyboard 2 bags offer maximum protection as well as comfortable transportation. Choose the right keyboard bag for you here at Fusion Bags.

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We know that travelling with an instrument can be difficult. No matter whether you commute by foot, bike, bus or train, getting your instrument from A to B can put it at risk of damage. At Fusion Bags, protection is our priority, which is why our bags for smaller keyboards have high density foam padding. These bags also feature a secure sleeve that can be tightened around your keyboard to keep it in place. This prevents your instrument moving around freely in your bag and can prevent damage from knocks and bumps. Our bags are also water resistant, which means your keyboard will be protected from the elements.

Bags for Keyboards

We understand the importance of owning a comfortable, convenient gig bag. Our keyboard gig bags for 25-49 keys have store-away backpack straps with comfortable padding. Having the option to carry your keyboard on your back will make travelling through busy crowds and on public transport much simpler. These bags also have convenient grab handles on both the top and the bottom. With a number of ways to carry your keyboard, travelling to your gig will always be a comfortable experience.

Travelling musicians love our gig bags due to the usable and convenient features. Our 25-49 key keyboards come with a number of velvet-mix padded blocks to ensure that your keyboard is always a snug fit. When your keyboard is being carried, these blocks will offer fantastic protection and security. Here at Fusion bags we understand that travelling musicians need room for extra equipment. Our keyboard gig bag accessory pockets have room for cables, sheet music and any other extras that you may need to carry with you.

Gig Bags from Fusion Bags

If you are a gigging musician searching for a new keyboard gig bag for your 25-49 key instrument, look no further than Fusion Bags. We are proud to provide an extensive range of products that are carefully designed to suit the musicians who use them. All of our products are tried and tested on gigging musicians who travel with their instruments. Our aim is to offer durable and comfortable bags with a variety of useful features for professional musicians and our keyboard bags are a perfect example. If you have any questions about our products, contact a member of our team today. 0044 (0)1924 609711.