If you’re a professional drummer looking for high quality cymbal bags look no further than Fusion Bags. Our high quality, innovative gig bags for drummers are designed to be the perfect solution to your needs as a touring drummer. These hybrid bags feature an impressive 30mm of lightweight high density foam, offering a similar level of protection against knocks and bumps as a hard case, but with none of the weight. For the safest, most secure lightweight cymbal bags around, call Fusion Bags today.

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These bags fit up to two 22” cymbals with the Beat 22 bag, and up to three 24” cymbals with the Beat 24 bag. Each removable cymbal compartment is fleece lined to ensure that your cymbals, splash and hi hat are as safe and secure as possible. We’ve even included a removable stick pouch with these bags, which can be attached to your floor tom for easy access to your sticks while you work. We’re confident that we’ve built the most innovative cymbal bags around and we’re equally confident that you’ll fall in love with them when you call Fusion Bags today.

Gig Bags For Drummers

Our gig bags for drummers are designed to be both easy to use and easy to and easy to carry. With a robust top handle integrated into the bag, and sturdy backpack straps which can be tucked away when not needed, our cymbal bags are incredibly convenient to use. These innovative bags are even fitted with rear clasp-straps to help securely attach it to a foldable trolley in order to make getting from gig to gig that much easier. Whatever gig bag you need as a professional drummer, Fusion Bags has you covered.

Why Choose Fusion Bags

We’re dedicated to building the best gig bags for professional musicians here at Fusion Bags. Our hybrid bags offer the ultimate level of protection without the heavy, bulky nature of a hard case. We design and develop all our products with working musicians – performing musicians who travel with their instruments. Using their feedback we have created the ultimate line of high quality, innovative gig bags which give musicians exactly what they want.

If you have any questions about our cymbal bags or any other of our products, make sure you call Fusion Bags today on 0044 (0)1924 609711.