Fuse-on Attachment Guide

What’s a “Fuse-on” Bag?

The “Fuse-on” system is a unique idea, whereby a bag can be attached to any of our compatible instrument gig bags. This immediately gives you extra space and leaves your hands free whilst travelling.

With our “Fuse-on” bags, your days struggling with getting your instrument and additional gear from gig to gig is over.

Our “Fuse-on” range of bags are perfect for musicians on the go, who have got to travel from venue to venue. Whether you’re a guitarist in a band or a brass player on the stage, this is the ideal solution to carry multiple items.


Which Fuse-on Bags Are Compatible with My Gig Bag?

We’ve designed our “Fuse-on” bags to add extra storage space to your gig bag, whenever you need it. Our “Fuse-on” bags are available in three different sizes: small, medium and large.

To make sure you have the best sized “Fuse-on” bag for your Fusion gig bag, have a look at our handy compatibility chart below.


  Small Fuse-on Medium Fuse-on Large Fuse-On
Urban Guitar Bags*
F1 Guitars** X X
Urban Cornet X
Premium Cornet X
Urban Trumpet X
Premium Trumpet X
Urban Tenor Horn X X
Premium Tenor Horn X X
Urban Flugelhorn X
Premium 8.5” Jazz Trombone X
Premium Soprano Saxophone X
Urban Alto Saxophone X X
Premium Alto Saxophone X X
Urban Bagpipe X X
Urban Baritone Horn X X
Premium Baritone Horn X X
Urban Ukulele X
Premium Ukulele X
Premium French Horn Fixed Pro X
Premium French Horn Fixed X
Urban French Horn Fixed X
Premium Tenor Trombone X
Premium Bass Trombone X
Urban Tenor Trombone X
Premium Euphonium X
Urban Tenor Saxophone  X
Premium Tenor Saxophone  X


* Urban guitar bags can be used with either the small and large “Fuse-on” bags in one combination, or the medium bag on its own.

** The F1 Guitar bags can fit two “Fuse-on” bags, the small bag at the top on the headstock area of the guitar and the large Fuse-on bag on the base area of the bag.