The Premium Series provides the ultimate gig bag for musicians who require an excellence in transportation for their instrument.
Here are some of the great features of the Premium Series:
  • High quality non PVC backed material used on the body of the bag
  • Reinforced panels used in certain models (similar protection to a hard case)
  • Internal sleeve (for Brass & Woodwind bags) 
  • Robust backpack straps with chest strap and phone pockets
  • Fusion-Flow (a rear zipped compartment with lumbar supports and waist belt, where the backpack straps can be stored out of sight if carried by hand) 
  • Address tag for identification
  • Lockable zips give added security
  • Rain‐cover for protection against wet weather conditions
  • Option to "clip‐on" to a foldable trolley 

Premium Series

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Premium Gig Bag

With a premium gig bag from Fusion Bags your days of struggling from gig to gig with your tired old bag are over. The highly innovative products in our Premium Series are all designed to be the perfect bag for your particular instrument. The range has been to meet the needs of serious, professional musicians. So if you’re in the market for a new carry bag for your guitar, trumpet or even your flugelhorn, make sure you get your bag from Fusion Bags today.

A lot of thought, research and product development have gone into creating the ultimate gig bag for you, here at Fusion Bags. Our Premium Series of professional bags come with high quality non-PVC backed material along the body of the bag, with robust backpack straps and handles to keep your instrument secure. These stylish instrument bags also come with our Flow-System technology and lumbar supports to keep you cool and comfortable when carrying your instrument, no matter the weight. We’ve even included a rain cover to protect your instrument against even the most British weather conditions. Whatever you need from your instrument bag, Fusion Bags has you covered.

Ultimate Gig Bag

We want your instrument to be as secure as possible, which is why our bags feature lockable zips with an external address tag for identification. Our products are specifically designed to hold and cradle your instrument with soft, scratch-free velvet-mix linings to keep your instrument in perfect condition. Some of our premium gig bags even come with reinforced panels offering similar protection to a hard case, at a greatly reduced weight and the option for a clip-on foldable trolley on the bigger bags. We really have thought of everything, which is why you should get your premium gig bag from Fusion Bags.

It doesn’t even end there – our premium gig bags have pockets galore to keep all of your wires, cables, tuners, music stands, sheet music and anything else you will ever need handy, whilst still keeping them separate from your instrument. We could talk for hours about why the bags from our Premium Series are the perfect choice for you. But instead we’ll let you click on one of the bags below and let the pictures blow you away if you’re a trombonist, or pluck your heart strings if you’re a guitarist. Fall in love with travelling once more with a premium gig bag from Fusion Bags today.

Why You Should Trust Fusion Bags With Your Instrument

Since we committed ourselves to producing and manufacturing the highest quality gig bags for professional musicians back in 2008, we’ve produced a range of bags we’re genuinely proud of. We’ve come up with the most innovative solutions to the problems musicians on the go face by continually testing our products on professional travelling musicians. By combining the best innovations we’ve come up with over the years we’re left with the Premium Series you see before you today.

We’re incredibly proud of our premium gig bags, and we know that you’ll be equally thrilled with your high quality new gig bag as we are. If you have any questions about our ultimate gig bags, or if you need help choosing the ultimate gig bag for you, make sure you call Fusion Bags on 0800 1300 264 or send us an email today.