If you’re looking for the ultimate soprano saxophone gig bag you’ve come to the right place. Here at Fusion Bags we design and manufacture the best in professional gig bags for travelling musicians. Not only are our gig bags sleek and subtle, but they come in an array of colours to suit your tastes. Our products are as versatile as they are robust, innovative and strong. Our soprano saxophone gig bags even double up as a clarinet and flute gig bags. Whatever it is you play, you can make sure that Fusion Bags has the perfect product for you.

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At the core of our products is the idea that strong, protective gig bags don’t have to be heavy, hard cases which are cumbersome and annoying to carry. Our gig bags feature up to 30mm of heavy duty high density foam padding which is light as it is strong. This foam is covered in a soft, non-scratch material to keep your instrument safe, secure and in place. The entire bag is coated in a water resistant non-PVC backed rip-stop fabric which ensures that when your instrument is on your back it’s the safest it can be.

Flute Gig Bag

Musicians who travel with their instrument need to be able to move. Navigating the tube, train or airport with your instrument is easy with Fusion Bags. Our soprano saxophone gig bags feature two chunky and robust carry handles and backpack straps which can be tucked away when not in use. These impressive gig bags also come with a tough, moulded base which means that your instrument is safe from knocks as you put your bag on the floor.

These gig bags also come with a number of pockets, keeping your pencils, reeds and accessories safe, secure and away from your instrument. If you’re staying overnight and need extra room in your soprano saxophone gig bag you can even expand the bag with our innovative Fuse-On set of accessory bags. These bags securely attach to each other to form the superior backpack, capable of carrying everything you need for your show on the road.

Why Choose Fusion Bags for your Soprano Sax Gig Bag?

Since we started in 2008 we’ve had one clear goal in mind – to create the ultimate gig bags for professional musicians. We’ve not stopped innovating and improving our products since over the years, continually testing our products on those who use then – professional musicians who travel with their instrument. We’re confident that whatever instrument you play, whatever your taste or style, we have the perfect gig bag for you here today.

If you have any questions about our products, or if you need help choosing between the Premium, Urban or F1 Collections, feel free to call Fusion Bags today. A member of our friendly team will be able to answer any questions you may have. 0044 (0)1924 609711.