Add a “Fuse-on” bag to your instrument bag and immediately create additional space

Sometimes a touring musician needs additional storage space on the road, and a gig bag alone just isn’t enough. That’s why we’ve developed our unique “Fuse-on” range of attachment bags, which offer more space whenever it is needed.

The "Fuse-on" bags can attach quickly and easily onto the front of an instrument bag to carry extra gear, cables, sheet music, laptop and even your packed lunch.


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What’s a Fuse-on Bag?

A Fuse-on is a unique bag attachment that can be added to any of our compatible gig bags, giving you extra space on the go and without the need to carry an extra bag.

With our “Fuse-on” bags, your days struggling with getting your instrument and additional gear from gig to gig is over.

Our “Fuse-on” range of bags are perfect for musicians on the go, who have got to travel from venue to venue. Whether you’re a guitarist in a band or a brass player on the stage, this is the ideal solution to carry multiple items.



How Does It Work?

Our unique “Fuse-on” system allows you to attach your instrument and accessory bags together, with four strong hook-and-loop straps, fed through sturdy D-rings. This gives you with a single, easy-to-carry item, leaving your hands free whilst travelling.


Our “Fuse-on” bags are perfect for storing all manner of items, from extra cables, mutes and a music stand to extra clothes and a laptop.

All our “Fuse-on” attachment bags can also be used as a separate stand-alone backpack. When you have a night off from performing, you can travel lighter by just using your backpack, leaving your instrument in a hotel room or at home.




Can a “Fuse-on” bag attach to my instrument bag?

Your “Fuse-on” bag can be easily attached to most instrument gig bags in our Urban and Premium Series. With some instrument bags, more than one “Fuse-on” bag can be attached. Our guitar bags are a good example of this, with one “Fuse-on” bag attached to the headstock area and one to the base of the bag.


Why Choose Fusion Bags?

Fusion Bags have been passionately producing the most innovative high quality gig bags since 2008.

Over the years, we’ve continually tested and refined our bags, and this includes our flagship “Fuse-on” range of attachment bags.

We are incredibly proud of our products, and guarantee that you’ll be as happy with your new gig bag as we are. If you have any questions about our “Fuse-on” range of bags, make sure you call us on 01924 609711 or drop us a message today.