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Fusion is a British company which is located in West Yorkshire, in Northern England. Since 2008, we have devoted ourselves to design and manufacture gig bag, soft instruments bags used by traveling musicians in the world.

In the UK, our products are sold from our distribution center, both to retailers and directly to customers. Our dedicated customer service are the key to our brand's high quality, and provides support to all customers who have decided to opt for Fusion. In many other countries in the world, we cooperate with well-established distribution company, which has very good knowledge of the music industry.

Below you'll find contact information for stores that it currently sells our products.

Smålands Musikvaruhus AB
Järnvägsgatan 28
57121 Nässjö
Tel: 038010626

Why choose a gig bag from the fusion of your valuable instrument?

All Fusion-bags in our catalog is distinguished by our revolutionary design characteristics, which are:


If a Fusion-bag has a "fuse-one" mark in the rubber, it shows that it quickly and easily attached to the front of the instrument bag with four strong Velcro straps threaded through the D-rings. On most instruments bags, only one smaller bag be secured, but the guitar bag has room for two small bags, one on the guitar head and one at the instrument's body. This concept has been developed especially given the musicians who travel or frequently on the move, and therefore need extra storage space for accessories, food & beverage, extra clothes, or even a laptop.

Flow System

On the back of Premium-bags are Fusion's own "Flow System 'reminiscent of a camping backpack, which makes the bag very comfortable to wear and protects you from getting too hot when you're on the move. There are two lumbar support and in most cases also a padded belt that keeps the bag firmly in place while you carry around on it. At the rear, concealed even a zippered pocket, so that the belts can be stored out of sight when you carry the bag in hand.


If a Fusion-bag has a rubber badge with the text 'zip-away' means that the bag can be opened fully so that you can easily extract or produce what you want the equipment. This concept is our of bags "DJ" and involves such sensitive sliders and buttons available for expensive controllers and CD player are protected from harm, because they can not be pulled out from the rest of the gasket. Zip-away is also available in our Notebook Laptop Series, where they can hide a portable office, which has space for all the accessories and personal items that you need to have close at hand.


You do not take a Fusion-bag to benefit from our series 'Add-on' with various accessories. Our padded inner cover is ideal if you need to fit more than one instrument in a gig bag, because they prevent scratching occurs when you carry the seal.

Bag for headphones is especially good for DJs or anyone who needs to have their headphones and small personal belongings easily accessible. This is ideal for cycling or walking on foot and will pass through airports or train stations.

From February to May 2015, we will introduce rain for our Urban Brass & Woodwind bags. These are very good to protect your Fusion bag when it rains. These coatings have a Fusion Logo of light reflecting pressure, which is important for safety when cycling or walking in the dark. The cover provides additional security when you are in congestion in any crowd because it prevents access to the outer bays.

Our gig bags and cases found in the following series:


Premium series includes the best possible gig bag bag designed for musicians who want to transport their instruments in the best possible way. These are some of the Premium Series outstanding features:

  • Waterproof ripstop quality materials with PVC on the back
  • Reinforced feature on some models (protection equivalent to a hard case)
  • 30 mm thick foam rubber of high density
  • Inner Cover (Brass & Woodwind bags)
  • Robust backpack straps with chest strap and phone pockets
  • Moulded neoprenhandtag
  • Fusion-Flow (zippered pocket with backrest and belt, where the straps for the backpack can be kept out of sight if you carry it in your hand)
  • Address tag for identification
  • Lockable zippers increases security
  • Rain cover for use in wet weather
  • Fuse-on additional bags are available as accessories

Urban Series

In the Urban series includes smart and stylish bags, ideal for musicians who frequently travel to different shows with their instruments. The bags provide excellent protection with a combination of 20 mm thick foam padding in high density, and a strong waterproof PVC-free materials. An extra feature is the handy "Fuse-one" concept, related, smaller bags of various types that can be attached to the front of the instrument bag. A number of compartments and bags offer ample space where a selection of accessories and personal belongings can be stored. The bags can be worn with a sturdy handles attached with rivets, or with the comfortable, padded backpack straps when not in use can be stored in a special compartment.

Funk Zion Skinnie Series

Funk Zion Skinnie-bags are space-saving and lightweight bags of high quality, which is designed to "pick up and go." Because they are made with 10 mm thick foam padding in high density and a durable, waterproof, PVC-free materials, they are easy to take with you but still strong. Two discrete compartments along the entire bag provides space for your accessories or personal belongings. Reinforced backpack straps and handle, secured with rivets makes this an ideal, hassle-free bag for a musician on the move.

Sound & Audio

DJ bags

All our DJ bags have "zip-away" feature and provides very good protection. They are made of a waterproof ripstop material over padding with a 20 mm thick foam rubber of high density. The bags are reinforced at the corners and the bottom of very durable material. There are many compartments and bags offer plenty of storage space. Each bag has padded inner cover for laptops, controllers or mixers, and thick backpack straps with built-in pockets for MP3 players and mobile phones.


It includes a total of 16 gig bags for keyboards of our keyboards and synth-series, made of a rugged waterproof ripstop fabric and foam padding in high density. The smaller bags are equipped with backpack straps and the larger models have wheels and a shoulder strap. All the bags have subtle handles so they can be easily lifted by one or more persons.

There are large accessories pocket on the front of the bag, suitable for wires, sheet music and accessories. Inside the bag is a safety cover that can be pulled together to hold the keyboard in place, which is a great advantage when the keyboard should be worn. Each bag has a number of foam blocks to ensure a perfect fit.


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