Guide to Travelling with Your Guitar

As a guitarist, your guitar is your pride and joy; without it, you wouldn’t be able to play the music you feel passionate about. Should your guitar get damaged, it will not only be expensive to fix or replace, but you'll also lose the memories of all the amazing gigs you've played with it. To keep your guitar safe, check out the guide below to spot potential hazards when commuting.

Travelling by Train

Trains are often packed and sometimes there’s not enough space to store your belongings. If you get on at peak times any space is taken up by bikes, prams or suitcases and you’ll have nowhere to safely put your guitar. Even if there is space in an overhead compartment or on luggage shelves, it could fall out and break, or something could fall on it. Someone could even put a heavy case on top of it, without realising how fragile your guitar is.

Travelling by Bus

Like trains, buses can get busy and there’s even less space to store luggage; there’s nowhere to put anything as big as a guitar, so you'll have to sit down with it. The problem is if the bus brakes all of a sudden; you run the risk of the guitar falling over and hitting the ground, or even smashing into the handrail, both of which could cause serious damage.

Travelling on Foot

If you’re carrying your guitar on its side, you risk knocking the headstock on the pavement, or even tripping up other commuters with the body.

You might be tempted to try a hard-case to prevent any damage from the hazards mentioned, but if you’re a musician who commutes regularly, you really don’t need all the extra weight of a hard-case dragging you down. Imagine when you finally get your guitar out at your venue and your arms are already tired from carrying it there. You need something lightweight but durable, that allows you to carry your guitar on your back, as well as with a handle.

If your guitar is safely on your back when you’re walking or catching public transport, you can rest assured no harm will come to it. we offer a massive range of guitar gig bags for the travelling guitarist, providing protection from everyday knocks and scrapes and the ability to carry your guitar in lots of different ways.

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