New Community Project: Music Cannot Be Confined

Being part of the community is a crucial part of our business. During the past 12 months, we have experienced first hand how badly the Music Industry has been affected and we continuously strive to connect with musicians.

As part of this, we have helped facilitate the International Collaboration Lovely Day with 18 of our artists.

We have also launched the Fusion World Tour Series of interviews to give musicians around the world a place to share their experience of the pandemic. Today I am very happy to share our latest project, Music Cannot Be Confined.

This project brings musicians from different countries together to create a 60-second original soundtrack. The process is comparable with a jigsaw puzzle or building blocks. The first musician records their 60-second track and then sends it to the second musician who adds their track and so on until the rest of the band have completed their part.

It's a surprise development as the first musician doesn't know what the following musicians will do with the song. Our pilot project has worked out well and we are very proud of the result of our first band The Guinea Pigs.

A big thank you to the musicians involved in this project:

Donald Waugh, Canada: Drum and Keys
Usama Allati, Palestine: Bass
Abby Zachko, USA: Guitar
Alexis Baro, Canada: Trumpet
Rima Badeen, Switzerland: Lyrics and Vocals
and Jordan Scannella.

If you would like to be part of future collaborations, please get in touch.




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Nicole Szekeres

Nicole is one of the founders of Fusion Products. Besides many styles of music Nicole is interested in digital marketing and International Trade, has a passion for the outdoors and loves spending time in the kitchen experimenting with the creation of new dishes.


Artist Collaboration Community Project
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