EL AMIR records flamenco guitar on the new James Bond – ‘No Time To Die’ - Soundtrack

No Time To Die - James Bond Soundtrack with El Amir

The award winning Spanish flamenco guitarist Amir John Haddad - El Amir from Hans Zimmer’s Orchestra is featured on the new James Bond ‘No Time To Die’ film score.

The world of film and music has never been quite so excited with the long-awaited launch of the latest James Bond movie ‘No Time To Die’. The film score, written by German film composer and music producer, Hans Zimmer (Gladiator, Da Vinci Code, The Lion King, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Dunkirk, Mission Impossible II), features the award winning Spanish flamenco guitarist El Amir, considered to be one of the most skilful, soulful and recognised flamenco guitar soloists of today, as well as an amazing guitar virtuoso and multi-instrumentalist.

When we think of a James Bond movie, the things that immediately come to our mind are famous, outstanding actors, breath taking action scenes around the world, incredible stunts and an intriguing plot with an impossible mission and of course, a massive soundtrack.

When thinking of Spain we immediately think of the passion and the life style, the secrets hidden in the wine, long summer nights and the beautiful sunsets. All this magic is part of the Andalusian music, the Flamenco.

It’s the all important soundtrack that provides the narrative of the scenes, intensifies the inner thoughts of the characters and the communicating link between the screen and the audience.

For the epic ‘No Time To Die’ soundtrack, Hans Zimmer called upon his long time friend, the incredibly skilled, award winning guitarist El Amir, the one musician capable of merging the sound of the flamenco guitar within a Hans Zimmer soundtrack and blend those two worlds effortlessly together.

El-Amir: The one musician capable of merging the sound of the flamenco guitar within a Hans Zimmer soundtrack.

When I received a call from Hans Zimmer, asking me to record flamenco guitar on the Sound track of new James Bond film ‘No Time To Die’, I was of course excited to be part of this amazing musical production,” says El Amir. “Arriving in London to meet Hans Zimmer and the director Cary Fukunaga to discuss the soundtrack, was a mission in itself with a cancelled then delayed flight from Tahiti, no boarding pass shown at the boarding gate in Paris and, having to purchase a new flight to London and arriving at the studio just in time to meet the whole team.

After the meeting finished I talked to Hans about the emotions of the scenes and the additional musical elements required for the soundtrack. At that time, none of my parts had been scored, so it was a case of having that mind-set and letting my emotions flow from the guitar, which we recorded at renowned producer Stephen Lipson’s Studio.”

El Amir’s ‘weapon of choice’ for ‘No Time To Die’ was his own flamenco signature guitar Modelo El Amir built by Jose Salinas. A beautiful cypress body guitar with an amazing, warm and bright sounding cedar top.

I’ve always been a huge Bond fan”, says El Amir. “I think every movie has that perfect balance of action, romance, love, intrigue, thrill, drama…so many elements that makes every Bond movie very exciting. I was absolutely thrilled about receiving Hans’s proposal for this movie and I am very thankful for that, it was a big honour.” 


El Amir has been collaborating with Hans Zimmer for the last three years as his new guitar soloist for the massive and mesmerising show The World of Hans Zimmer, a symphonic celebration, as well as being featured on some of Hans’s latest and famous Hollywood film soundtracks such as The Rhythm Section (Jude Law), Sponge Bob 3 - On the Run, Boss Baby 2 and recently on Army of Thieves (Netflix).

Watch El- Amir: Playing flamenco guitar with the Hans Zimmer Orchestra - Mission Impossible II soundtrack in Festival Hollywood in 2018.

Mission Impossible -  El Amir

Having first started playing guitar aged seven, performed on stage from the age of twelve and after studying flamenco culture and the music at just fourteen, he started teaching students and adults, whilst continuing to study with maestro and flamenco guru Pepe Justicia the many levels about flamenco guitar and the culture of Andalusia.

El Amir is now considered to be one of the most skilful, soulful and recognised flamenco guitar soloists of today. As well as an amazing guitar virtuoso and multi-instrumentalist, he was nominated for the Latin Grammies in 2004 with Radio Tarifa & 2012 with renowned Spanish flamenco pop band Chambao and also awarded a silver medal at the Global Music Awards 2019 & in 2020 with his new album Andalucía.

Besides the work with Hans Zimmer, El Amir is known for his relentless quest for new musical challenges and horizons. He describes himself as a Musician on a Mission. We can call him the perfect match to record on a James Bond soundtrack

Along his extended career El Amir has collaborated, recorded or performed with the most recognised artist from all over the world such as: Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, Juno Reactor (Matrix), Peter Murphy (Bauhaus), Guy Laliberté (Cirque du Soleil), Shankar Mahadevan (John McLaughlin), Radio Tarifa (legendary World music band from Spain), Daniel Hope, Lisa Gerrard, Gavin Greenaway, Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra, among many more.

El Amir has been featured live on BBC with Radio Tarifa, on CNN appearing in a documentary on Andalusian musical influences as well as on US public broadcasting channel PBS on the show Now Hear This with Scott Yoo. EL Amir has been nominated for the Latin Grammies in 2004 with Radio Tarifa & 2012 with renowned Spanish band Chambao and is a silver medalist at the Global Music Awards 2019 & 2020.                     

Amir John Haddad – El Amir.

  • Soloist / Composer/ Producer / Arranger
  • Guitarist / Multi-Instrumentalist
  • Award Winning Artist
  • Latin Grammy Nominee
  • 2004 Radio Tarifa & 2012 Chambao
  • Independent Music Awards 2012.
  • Global Music Awards 2019.
  • Global Music Awards 2020.

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El Amir James Bond
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