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Artist Spotlight: Grant MacLeod - The Munro Bagpiper 0

Grant MacLeod is on a personal quest to climb each and every Munro mountain in the Scottish Highlands, play his bagpipes and say a big hello from the top of each and every one of them. I ask Grant how this unique offer started...

8 Tips for Taking Care of Your Bagpipes 1

Travelling with any instrument requires plenty of care and attention, but travelling with bagpipes requires you to go the extra mile to avoid damaging your most prized possession.

You’ll need to do everything possible to make the rides smooth and the journeys kind to your bagpipes, so here are 9 great tips for travelling with your bagpipes, from cleaning pipes to keeping an eye on the weather...

Artist Spotlight: Bagpiper Craig McFarlane - A Journey Around The World 0

Craig McFarlane Bagpipe Everest Base CampWhen it comes to piping the distance, Scottish piper Craig McFarlane is literally miles ahead of the pack. We interviewed Craig about his life long connection to the bagpipes, which has taken them both on a journey around the world: 
“Hearing a piper in the hills is very atmospheric, especially in the highlands, or anywhere for that matter. I lived at Glastonbury for 10 years and I used to go up the Tor at night and play at sunset and in the morning at sunrise, especially when there was a full moon or a storm. It’s very evocative and just seems to fit in. The sound is instantly recognisable and designed to be played outside for raising the blood or the gathering of clans, as heard back in the battle days of the pipes.