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A Celebration of English Musician Lars Mullen for St. George's Day 0

Lars MullenHello, my name’s Lars Mullen. I’m a music journalist, photographer and press consultant for many music-related products around the world including the wonderful Fusion gig bags.

And most important, I’m a guitar player. Welcome to St. George’s day.

Yes, guitars are my thing – there’s quite a few around. I don’t keep them in the house anymore; we don’t have room apparently, so once a month I go for a boy’s day out to a lock-up where they’re all kept and turn up very loud – clear my head! I first started… I was eleven years old, so not long ago, I was on a classical Spanish guitar playing the Harry Lime theme in the school concert. Petrified, yes I was.

Artist Spotlight: Emma Richardson - Bass Player Band of Skulls 0

Emma Richardson -  Band of SkullsBassist, Emma Richardson has not only been providing the low-end frequencies in Band Of Skulls since 2004, her harmony rock vocal blend with the band’s guitarist vocalist Russell Marsden is a joy in itself. I catch up with Emma as she takes a break from recording the band’s new album...


A Celebration of Irish Music with Shane Ó Fearghail 0

A celebration of Irish musician
Shane Ò Fearghail.

Watch the video interview here.

Women in Music: Ariane Cap - Bassist, Educator, Author, Blogger 0

Women in Music: Ariane C. Cap

As part of the celebrations of International's Women Day, we have interviewed some incredible female musicians about their experiences and perspective of the music industry.

Ariane Cap is a bassist, educator, author and blogger. Read all about her view of the industry, her experiences and how she became as a top-class bassist.

A Celebration of Welsh Music with Liam Millinship from BarlowCree 0

BarlowCree A celebration of Welsh musician Liam Millinship from BarlowCree.
Watch the video interview here.

Artist Spotlight: Justin Johnson The Guitarist Who Plays A Shovel 0

Justin Johnson with shovel guitarThis is home (when he’s not touring the globe) for Justin Johnson, leading emissary and scholar of blues and roots music, also known as ‘The Wizard’ and recognised as International Slide Guitar Champion. Thanks to the wonders of Skype I get a tour of Justin’s house.

It’s the heart of Tennessee… picture the scene: The sun bleached porch with the creaky old rocking chair, the rusty old redundant tractor (now home for the farmyard rooster), chilled beers, an amp and the dilemma of which guitar to play.

Artist Spotlight: Remco Hendriks - A World's Elite Bass Player 0

RemcoUntil I actually met Remco Hendriks, I was one of thousands upon thousands of people who have watched him work his funky bass guitar grooves on YouTube, totally mesmerized by his sheer speed, accuracy, dexterity and phrasing on a fretless bass. I’d read all the quotes folk leave at the bottom… “Is this guy for real?” “Nah, can’t be done, it’s been sped up.”

Remco likes his privacy and own space so, as fans of his videos will know, he’s rarely seen full-face on screen. So I’m dragging my camera gear around Musikmesse, the annual trade show in Frankfurt, Germany earlier this year, when I notice familiar blonde dreadlocks. I’m thinking... is it or isn’t?

Witnessing Remco play live at the show, squashed all the rumours I’ve read, none of the videos are sped up and yes, I would say he is probably in the 1% of the world’s elite bass players.

Over a beer, Remco talks in his Dutch dialect about ‘all things bass’ and that until he checked it out, didn’t realise viewing figures for his videos were in the millions.

Artist Spotlight: Stephen (Mojo) Mougin, Nashville Bluegrass Player 0

MojoWhilst at the Summer NAMM show in Nashville, Tennessee in July 2017, I spotted an unmistakable, distinct green Fusion acoustic guitar gig bag, drifting periscope-like above a sea of heads at this year’s crowded event. Following said gig bag led me to the Fishman stand, arguably one of the world’s leaders within acoustic instrument pickup design, pre- amps and amplification.
It’s here that no other than Stephen Mougin multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer, engineer, teacher, label owner and one of the finest bluegrass players, casually perched himself on a stool and played some fine bluegrass acoustic guitar. In typical American style, crowds whooped and cheered as Stephen finished his set and started to pack away his favourite Collings CJ-35 acoustic guitar in his trusty Fusion case.

Artist Spotlight: Victoria Vox - Singer-Songwriter / Ukulele Artist 0

Victoria Vox

Victoria has the ability to effortlessly rub her tummy and pat her head at the same time. In a musical perspective that means, not only does she have a stunning ukulele playing style, a voice that can effortlessly adapt to any musical genre, operate a pedal board with precision...she still has a secret weapon... the mouth trumpet.

Victoria has perfected a vocal technique that imitates the sound of a trumpet by blowing air through her lips, an incredible effect that at first raises a smile from the audience, often ending up with a standing ovation.

Artist Spotlight: Gil Norton - Respected And Influential Record Producer 0

Gil NortonAs a highly respected and influential record producer, Gil Norton has worked with some of the biggest names in rock. A large list of Internationally acclaimed artists trust Gil at the controls. These have included Foo Fighters, Counting Crows, Echo &The Bunnymen, Feeder, Pixies, Marmozets, Band Of Skulls, JOANovARC and Jimmy Eat World, to name but a few. He takes up the story…

“I distinctly remember at the age of 12 how I wanted to be a sound engineer or a TV camera man. I felt so strongly about taking this path throughout my school years, that I left the 6th form after a year to take up an Audio Visual youth opportunity scheme that Knowsley Council were offering to promote the borough.