5 Top Tips: Travelling with my trombone on a train or plane 0

Travelling with my TromboneTravelling with any musical instrument can be a challenge. Catching trains, buses and planes can be a stressful experience when you're carrying extra luggage, especially something as valuable as a trombone. We asked George Bartle how he deals with everyday transportation of his instrument.

The NAMM Show is a place of education, inspiration and diversity 0

NAMM Show 2019Every year at the end of January, when the weather is cold and unpleasant in Northern Europe, the Music Industry gathers in sunny California for the annual NAMM Show.

This is a trade show like no other, a huge marketplace that takes place at the Convention Center in Anaheim.

It’s the place where manufacturers showcase their latest creations and where retailers are hunting for the latest products to attract new customers. Throw in the mix some world-class artist like Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys and Ed Sheeran, along with the wisdom of some highly regarded music industry veterans. Add a bunch of aspiring musicians who are demonstrating new products, stir it up and sprinkle it with live performances and workshops, let it stew for four days and you get the world’s most popular music trade show: The NAMM Show.

Artist Spotlight: Donald Waugh - Multi-Instrumentalist 0

Donald Waugh - Bass Player - Fusion Gig Bag Owner

As we arrive in California for NAMM 2019, we look back on our interview with multi-talented musician Donald Waugh whom we met last summer at NAMM 2018 in Nashville, Tennesse.

Artist Spotlight: The Dolmen - British Medieval Rock Band 0

The Dolmen Talk to Fusion Gig Bags

Fusion Gig Bags talk to The Dolmen - British Medieval rock band - about songwriting, touring and the practicalities of being based in different countries!

Top 10 musicians’ gadgets for Christmas 0

Christmas gifts and gadgets for musicians

Whether you’re buying a present for the musician in your life, or compiling your own Christmas wishlist to leave lying around, we’ve narrowed down a few of the best must-have musical gadgets and accessories for festive season 2018.

Hard Case or Soft Case? 0

Hard case vs soft case, what's best for me?

As a musician, your instrument's safety is the top priority when it comes to buying a case or gig bag. But there are many other considerations to take into account to decide with is better for you: hard case or a soft case? Read more to find out the pros and cons of each...

Why Won't My Guitar Stay In Tune? 0

Do you find that you are forever retuning your guitar?






How to Clean a Cornet or Trumpet 0

How to clean a cornetChrist Hurst from Instrument Fixation, a local instrument repairer shows us how to correctly clean a cornet or small brass instrument.


Artist Spotlight: Becky Baldwin - Top Female Metal Bass Player 0

Becky Baldwin BassIn 2015 Becky Baldwin was listed in Metalholic Magazine’s Top 15 Female Hard Rock and Metal Bass Players, quite an achievement as there’s an endless list of female players now covering just about every musical genre from country to punk to Death metal.

8 Tips for Taking Care of Your Bagpipes 0

Travelling with any instrument requires plenty of care and attention, but travelling with bagpipes requires you to go the extra mile to avoid damaging your most prized possession.

You’ll need to do everything possible to make the rides smooth and the journeys kind to your bagpipes, so here are 9 great tips for travelling with your bagpipes, from cleaning pipes to keeping an eye on the weather...