How Playing Guitar Will Help Improve Your Day-to-Day Life

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Learning to play guitar can have a huge effect on your life; your health, family, job, outlook, and productivity will all have mostly positive outcomes. It’s true that playing the guitar is not easy and there is no gain without some pain, but for the most part any struggle is outweighed by the benefits. Here are ways in which playing the guitar will improve your day-to-day life.

Structure Is Healthy

If you want to experience the benefits of playing the guitar, you must first practice the skill. It is a matter of proper repetition and doing things the right way over and over. If we want to develop such a skill we need to set aside time and plan for serious practice and playing. A lot of people lack structure in life and having a specific goal like music can help establish a healthy pattern. Of all the dangerous things there are to focus or even hyper fixate on, music is a safe outlet.

Playing Guitar Improves Discipline

Discipline may not seem like a word associated with playing guitar, given the Rockstar and flaky musician cliches that are abundant. However if you really want to succeed at the skill you must put the time in to create muscle memory and music theory advancement. Just like structure, having some discipline and commitment will build confidence. The harder you work at singing or playing guitar the better you will get, and the better you will feel.

Yet It Also Creates a Creative Environment

On the flip side of discipline is the freedom of creativity and open-minded thinking! Once you have established a pattern of playing and start to improve, it becomes easier to be creative. For those musicians who refuse to learn theory or specific music knowledge they are missing out on a foundation that leads to better improvisation skills. As your confidence increases you will eventually be able to write your own songs.

It Is Physical and Mental Exercise

Assuming you are sitting in the correct posture, using proper guitar technique, and having structured practice, playing guitar is great physical and mental exercise. It helps coordination, concentration, and like all exercise it will lead to better health. Giving your brain a task and some structure is a great way to ease anxiety and reduce stress. Just remember when you hit a hurdle to keep pushing in practice and discipline to achieve the full benefits.

It Helps With Accepting Strengths and Weaknesses

You may find that playing the guitar and singing is difficult, and sometimes those speedbumps can be frustrating. Obviously our goal is to improve life with guitar, not cause more strife. In that case you want to change your approach to how you practice. Try a new style or genre and find different routines, don’t look at music goals as set in stone, they can shift. Keep in mind that music should be a healthy distraction and enjoyable pastime. It is not necessary to be a master shred guitarist or the perfect songwriter, play what you can play!

Music Improves Social Relationships

Regardless of your playing level, music can have a huge impact on those around you. It can help bring people together at a job or organization as music tends to attract others and gives them something to bond over. And along with improving relationships with coworkers and family it can help your chances at a romantic relationship. Besides the confidence you gain from learning to play guitar and sing, you also obtain one of the most attractive features ever, musical ability!

Playing Guitar is Therapeutic

The exercise, structure, and stronger relationships will improve your life for the most part, and even when times are still bad the act of playing guitar is great therapy. This level of therapeutic ability only grows as you become a better guitarist. When we first start playing we have a lot to learn and discover, but as time progresses and we master the instrument, it becomes easier to share our emotions through music. Once you know how to play many songs and styles it will be possible to vent a lot of emotion through the guitar.

Your Music Appreciation Will Grow

Besides being great for physical, mental, and social health, playing music will also make you realize how accessible music is. Too many people look at music as a gift you must be born with, but it is a skill and art that anyone can do. Of course we all have varying abilities, but with the right teaching and motivation anyone can succeed. And as you realize that music is not a special talent, the more you will understand it. Soon you will be able to dissect and reverse engineer other songs, which gives you a greater respect for the art of songwriting.

It Prepares You For The Next Musical Steps

Singing and playing guitar are a great way to get started in the world of music, they are affordable and accessible. And once you push through the initial struggles you will soon hit the point of getting it and progressing in the skill. The next step is to play other guitar bodies and brands, and then soon enough try new instruments! Keep going in your music journey to get the most out of the daily improvements. The more music you study the clearer view you will get of the big picture.

There Are No Regrets With Music!

Learning the guitar will not lead to a perfect existence, but it will show modest and healthy improvements in your day-to-day life. Whatever your music skill level, if you take a regular and structured approach to practice, you will see the benefits of playing. It’s just a simple matter of getting a guitar and sticking through the struggles that come with singing and maybe even writing your own songs. Music can be a hard decision, but rarely ever is it a regret, everyone who plays will agree it was the best choice ever!


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Shawn Leonhardt is a writer for Guitar Tricks and 30 Day Singer. He has produced songs, written T-shirt slogans, and provided voiceovers. He specializes in teaching songwriting, lyrics, and music theory.

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