If you need a new alto saxophone gig bag to transport your instrument to your next venue we have everything you need here at Fusion Bags. We manufacture and design the most innovate, most convenient and most stylish alto sax gig bags around. If you’re looking for a robust yet lightweight gig bag with both carry handles and backpack straps, you’ve come the right place. Our products are designed around the idea that soft, lightweight gig bags should offer the same protection as a traditional hard case with the manoeuvrability of a backpack. This is why our alto saxophone gig bags come with 20-30mm of high density foam wrapped in a soft non-scratch fabric. The bags are finished with a tough and water-resistant non PVC backed material which keeps your instrument safe. If you want to take the protection one step further, out Premium alto saxophone gig bag comes with a removable alto sax sleeve and crook pouch. When it comes to protecting your instrument when on the move, Fusion Bags is the only way to go. Read More

Alto Sax Gig Bag

Musicians who travel with their instrument know how important it is to be able to manoeuvre their way through a crowd. Our alto sax gig bags come with two robust carry handles and backpack straps which can be tucked away when not needed. Our Premium gig bag also comes with our Flow-System padding to keep you in ultimate comfort as you carry your alto sax.

Another thing which professional musicians need from their gig bag is space. Our gig bags have pockets galore, with pockets large enough for A4 sheet music, pencils, reeds and anything else you may need. If this still isn’t enough our gig bags are specially designed to be expandable thanks to our innovative range of Fuse-On accessory bags. Never struggle with your bags and your instrument from gig to gig ever again. With Fusion Bags travelling with your alto sax is a breeze.

Why Choose A Fusion Bag For Your Alto Sax?

Our goal is to create the perfect range of gig bags for professional musicians on the go. Whether you’re looking for a no-nonsense product like our Urban alto sax gig bag or the ultimate protection in the form of our Premium alto saxophone gig bag, we’re confident that we have the product for you. Our bags even come in a range of colours, leaving you with a stylish and sophisticated product which is so sleek and subtle that you couldn’t even tell it’s a gig bag.

If you have any questions about our products, or if you need help choosing the perfect gig bag for you, feel free to give us a call today.