Guitar and Bass Gig Bags - perfect for gigging musicians!

Juan Garcia Herreros Snow Owl with Fusion Bass Case

The Urban  Series is a sleek and subtle line of hybrid gig bags, ideal for the gigging musician who travels with their guitar.

The bags provide excellent protection with a combination of 20mm (0.79 ins) high-density foam padding and a tough, water-resistant, non PVC backed material. The next best thing to a hard case! A  heavy-duty rubberised base located on the base and headstock area, protect your guitar from everyday knocks and bumps.

There are many versatile features to these bags such as storage space for backpack straps so that the bag can be carried by hand. A waist & chest belt helps keep the bag firmly in place when carried on your back and convenient grab handles come in handy when manoeuvring in tight spaces. Numerous pockets and pouches offer lots of space, where an assortment of accessories and personal items can be stored. 

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Unique design features, such as an internal removable padded collar that can be adjusted and moulded to the shape of the guitar. This means that your generically shaped bag can be used to carry different shapes and sizes of the guitar by using the collar to secure it inside the bag or removed completely to fit in larger models. 

The double electric and electric bass bags go one step further. Each of the two compartments can hold a guitar BUT if you only wanted to take one guitar to a gig, inside the rear compartment there is a variety of different sized padded strips that can be used to create areas to store and carry  accessories such as  foot pedals, strings, tuners, cables, headphones, clothing, microphones and stand....clever!

If these pockets do not provide enough space for you, then simply “Fuse-On” by attaching padded accessory  bags onto the base and headstock area or mid-section of your bag. One of these bags, the Large "Fuse-on" bag even holds a 15” laptop and all the essentials you need on a trip. These are serious travel bags that love to journey and just refuse to stay at home when you are on the road