Ukulele Gig Bags and Soft Cases

A much loved Fusion Ukulele Gig Bag

Whether you’re a professional player or if you’re a new uke player, you’re going to need a bag for your instrument, and here at Fusion Bags, we design the very best Ukulele  cases on the market. Our gig bags are versatile, functional and entirely stylish, so no matter where you play your ukulele, Fusion has both you and your instrument covered.

Our ukulele gig bags are perfect for any uke player on the go. They’re incredibly lightweight, housing your ukulele in a thick layer of high-density foam, coated in a layer of soft velvet to keep the most delicate parts of your instrument entirely safe from knocks, bumps and even scratches. Our ukulele gig bags also come with carrying handles and back straps to ensure that you can carry your ukulele as easily as possible, no matter where you’re travelling from or to.

For all your ukulele gig bag needs, call Fusion Products today.

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Gig Bags For Ukulele Players

Another great feature our gig bags for ukulele players all share is the subtle yet generous accessory pockets for your tuners, leads or even your car keys. Don’t risk throwing your stuff all into the main pocket of your gig bag – our ukulele bags are designed to accommodate everything you need as a travelling musician. However, if you don’t have much to carry or if you’re new to the instrument, our Funksion Skinny Series may be perfect for you. These bags are designed to be the no-fuss, pick up and go gig bags that new students or musicians who don’t want to carry any extra baggage need.

If you need to carry more gear, however, an accessory bag from our Fuse-On range may be more your thing. You’ll be able to attach your Fuse-On bag to the Ukulele bag, creating one sturdy, secure, modular backpack to carry your music stand, spare clothes or even your laptop. Our Fuse-On range is designed specifically to accommodate all of your needs as a travelling ukulelist. Our gig bags for ukulele players are tried and tested, giving you the ultimate in high-performance gig bags. When it comes to building the better gig bag for students and professionals alike, Fusion Products is top of the class, so if you’re in the market for a new ukulele gig bag, visit Fusion Products today.

Gig Bags For Ukulele Players

Why Trust Fusion Products?

Since 2008 we’ve committed ourselves to designing and supplying the very best gig bags for musicians all across the industry, from DJs to saxists, from drummers to ukulelists. Over the years we have continuously tested our products on real travelling musicians, refining our creations until we are left with a range of high quality, affordable gig bags which are as functional as they are stylish. Whatever your gig bag needs, Fusion has an innovative new product for you.

Our dedication to building a better gig bag is what has convinced professional musicians and students alike to keep coming back every time they need a bag for a new instrument. If you’re curious about how our ukulele gig bags could instantly solve all of your needs as a travelling ukulelist, visit Fusion Bags or give us a call today on 0044 (0)1924 609711.