Press Releases

New Product Launch: Premium Series French Horn Gig Bags (November 2014)
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 Premium Trombone Gig Bags / Cases press release for new productNew Product Launch: Premium Series Trombone Gig Bags (October 2014)
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Premium Saxophone Gig Bags / Cases new product press release New Product Launch: Premium Series Saxophone Gig Bags: Soprano, Alto, Tenor Sax (August 2014)
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New Product Launch: Premium Series Euphonium, Tenor Horn, Baritone Horn (June 2014)

New Product Launch: Premium Series Ukulele and Mandolin (May 2014)

Fusion joins forces with the England Football Band (March 2014)
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Musikmesse Frankfurt (February 2014)
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New Product Launch: Premium Trumpet and Triple Trumpet (January 2014)
             Picture in high-resolution (Premium Trumpet Gig Bag)
             Picture in high-resolution (Premium Triple Trumpet Gig Bag)

New Product Launch: Beat Bags (Cymbal, Snare and Sticks)  
              Picture in high resolution (September 2013)

Fusion Bags debuts new Beat Series Drum and Percussion gig bags at Musikmesse (March 2013)

Fusion Gig Bags for Charity MUSIC FUND (October 2012)

Fusion Bags Announces Adam Black Guitar and Gig Bag Sweeps (May 2012)

Fusion launch two brand new DJ Bags at Musikmesse 2012 (March 2012)

Fusion launches a brand new iPad bag (November 2011)

Fusion Bags launches “F1 Premium Guitar Case Giveaway” (July 2011)

New Product Launch Limited Edition: High quality hybrid case for Ukulele (June 2011)

Launch of high quality keyboard gig bags (April 2011)

Fusion expand their line with the "Sound & Audio Series" (April 2011)

Fusion supports "Rambling Brass" on their charity walk coast-to-coast (August 2010)

Fusion F1 Guitar Gig Bag incorporating FUSE-ON (July 2010)

New Product Launch: 2010 Limited Edition Gig Bags for Alto Saxophone and Trumpet (June 2010)

New Product Launch: F4 Ukulele Gig Bags (May 2010)