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Urban Bagpipe Bag
Bryce Turnbow
Great bag

It’s a great bag with everything that you need except for one thing. It would be nice if it had a stronger and wider waist strap.

good bag for my bass trombone

for the next bag production, I would suggest attaching the lower straps elsewhere on the belt

Good Sleeve

The Sleeve is well made and fits good but the Price (over 50€) is far to high.

Perfectly meets the requirement.

I have just bought a new trombone, a Rath R9, 8.5" bell.

The base accommodates my trombone, slide, mouthpiece, lubricants, music stand and trombone stand.

I am disabled and appreciate its back straps and that it is light.

Urban Electric Guitar Bag
Joseph DeSantis
Fusion Guitar Bags are the Best!

This is the second Fusion guitar bag I have purchased. These bags are light weight and extremely durable. I am very happy with the quality and would highly recommend getting one of these bags.

Excellence for 2 plus all sorts of bits and bobs

I am loving the double bag. I can get my tenor, baritone, a4 music in plastic folders, ipad, small stand, strings, capo, wireless tx/rx, batteries, charger plus other gizmos, etc, etc. All in one safe place that's easy to carry. The moveable foam partitions are genius and very flexible. It is in fact a bargain as the quality build will last and the ease for getting to practice and gigs is worth a lot. It also takes up less room once you are somewhere and all your bits are in one place. It's comfy to carry, i would only add maybe a mesh side pocket for a drink, but i am quibbling! If I had 2 tenors I would still go for the larger bag. Superb product, would happily buy again and again. I have already had several friends say how much they like it..

Keyboard 06 (61-76 keys) Gig Bag

French horn case

Very impressed with the quality and practicality of the case .

Beat 22 Cymbal Bag
Francisco Gonzàlez
Best Drums and Cymbals cases ever...!

Top Quality, best Price, and a very kind and human treatment.
Thank you

Good solid bag

I already have a double Tenor Uke bag which I am very happy with - I either carry one Tenor Uke & holder + iPad & holder + Mic stand or occasionally 2 x Tenor Ukes. Having recently bought a Baritone Uke this bag means that I can do exactly the same - either 2 x Uke (Baritone & Tenor) or 1 x Uke + Kit etc.
Happy with my further purchase to date

Urban French horn fixed bell bag

The bag is great overall and I’m really pleased with it. It fits the horn nicely and is well made. The pockets are a useful size. Two small criticisms though: The zips on the pockets would be better off the other way round. At the moment when the pockets are zipped up the tags you use to open them are on the bottom when the bag is standing on its feet. This means you have to flip the bag onto its side to open them, otherwise everything falls out. Also, there is not quite enough adjustment in the shoulder straps for me, I think they would be more comfortable a little shorter.

Urban Bagpipe Bag
David Barber
Great bad

This is by far the best bag out there… even though it is pricy… so are my pipes…. It’s the second fusion bag I’ve bought… ahead of receiving my new chalice pipes from Peter from Kintail….

An Excellent Gig Bag

My order was fulfilled very quickly, the bag is exceptionally well made. It has pockets for Music and the necessary bits and pieces that you need to carry, Mouthpiece, valve oil etc. The are for the instrument is well constructed and padded so maximum protection is afforded. The bag has two carry handles one on the end and one on the side as well a backpack straps. It is easy to carry and manoeuvre with the handles and the back straps are a brilliant way to handle a large instrument. I would not hesitate to recommend this bag, it may not be the cheapest, but it is the most well designed and well-constructed.

Urban Bagpipe Bag
Matthew Turnbull
pipe case extraordinaire

a great pipe "box", large enough to carry all you need!!

Urban Bagpipe Bag
Brady Kerns
The best bag

This is the best bag/case for the pipes I am aware of.
All of the shortcomings the other brands have are overcome with this one.
It would be nice if the tartan window were clear and didn’t have a big fusion logo printed on it, but that is a minor gripe in comparison to the quality of the product.

Amazing Ukulele Protection!

This bag protects, not one, but two of my precious ukulele family members as well or better than any product of its kind. So far I've used the bag on one rugged trip and everything was well protected, including many accessories, easily accessible using the generous side pockets in addition to the two ukulele compartments. Everything about the bag is absolutely first rate!

Carryuke Review

Very pleased with the quality and exceptional delivery service.
I think you should consider with the addition of another zip allowing the bag to become two separate bags should the musician require that function.

best gig bag for bass trombone

This gig bag is lightweight and stylish.
For anyone struggling with a gig bag, this is the perfect back.

Urban Bagpipe Bag
Marjorie Scharfenberger
Worthwhile purchase

Sturdy, comfortable, spacious. Although prices have jumped significantly in 3 years, a worthwhile purchase.

Great Bag; Costly Shipping

I certainly love the bag I got. It is perfect for carrying a U-Bass and baritone around with extra pockets for accessories. Shipping and duty cost me about 67 percent of the price of the bag. Great if you live in the UK but not so hot in the "colonies" if you're relying on FedEx.

Excellent throughout

Certainly one of the most efficient companies I have ever dealt with and the keyboard case itself is superb. It has been well thought-out and the quality of the materials is excellent. Even my 28kg keyboard is now secure and easy to transport.

Cornet Sleeve
Ms K Brown
Cornet sleeve

It's a little tight for my standard sized cornet meaning it's hard to zip it up easily. Also the hidden "taxes" fee added onto the total is sneaky, £5 added on

Hi Mrs Brown,
I am sorry that you believe our online taxes are hidden. This is something that we would never do. As we cannot attached screenshots showing the order process on this app, we will send them separately to your email address.

Please take a look at the instrument sleeve page, you will see that all the products show a VAT and ex VAT cost.

If you select a product, it takes you through the purchasing process and just prior to purchase you are shown a total cost including VAT(tax).

I hope that this will show that we have not misled you in any way.

Kind regards,
Fusion Customer Service

Premium Flugelhorn Bag
Marc Ballart Pedret
Flugelhorn bag

Versió good bag!!!

Big and easy

This is a very large gig bag for bass trombone, especially when you packed the bass trombone back into it in a crowded backstage, it is very easy to do it in an upright position, highly recommend it.

Urban Bass Guitar Bag
Jon Martin Haarr
Great products!

I have used this bag many years now (rehersal, gigs).
No wear or tear!
Survived dropping, heavy rain, storms etc.
Equpment is always safe
I highly recommend fusion-bags to musicians that travel much and want to keep the equipment safe

Great products!