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Urban Triple Trumpet Bag

Premium Euphonium Bag
Kevin Kavanagh
Great euph bag

Beautifully made with lots of pockets for music and kit

Great bag for my bike

I contacted fusion about using the bag on a motorbike. As you can imagine 70mph+ winds hitting the top of the bag I wanted to be sure it was strong enough! I’ve had it in several times now and the stitching shows no dogn of duress or unpicking. An exceptionally well built product!

Great gig bag

This is a great gig bag. There's room for everything and then some. Ther are 2 small modifications that could improve it a little bit. Include sewing or zippering the hard piece into the bottom edge of the top cover. The 2nd is to remove the logo from the clear pouch on the lower compartment. This is where we normally would put our band badge or other identifier. I've had this case for 2 years. This after 2 Pipers Choice case bit the dust.

Urban 9.5" Tenor Trombone Bag
Peninnah McAllister
Clever design

Wanted to have less bags to lug about and hands free to cope with getting in and out of places. Bag ideal for that. Has taken me few trips to learn optimum order and place to place everything but got it now. Takes large bore tenor trombone, stand and heavy duty music stand plus music pad and all the other bits and pieces I need for travelling to gigs and practices. Once fellow players had adjusted straps for me with bag on my back, now works well and comfortable to carry. Waist and chest straps very useful. Seems sturdy, good surprise to find built in mouthpiece section. Think maybe 2 zips on some of outer sections too would make it even better. Stands in their own bags fit best down side of trombone in the main rear section, room for stand light in padded bag above. Might be room for a mute or two as well but would need to be in cloth bags to avoid damage to trombone. Outer pockets not capacious enough once trombone and slide in. Can load and unload with bag upright. Hoping it lasts me out as not cheap but great to be able to open doors and pop into shop. .

Urban Double Concert/Tenor Ukulele Bag


Premium Cornet Bag
Paul Chapman
Excellent service

Have dealt with Fusion on two occasions now and they have been excellent on both.
Love their products, attentive staff and prompt delivery.

Best bag

Durable, easy to transport, keeps horn safe…
My second one…first one lasted over 10 years. Highly recommend.

Best product design

I love Fusion Bags. I have E-Bass bag,E-guitar bag,Snare drum bag,these are all Fusion's.
Light,useful,strong,so I choose Fusion bag.
Few use in Japan,sad to say.


Bought for my 14yr-old daughter who after Grade 8 success needs to take trumpet and flugelhorn to county youth orchestra and school etc.
I will clearly see her on into university and who knows what....
The best thing? There are just so many pockets and sleeves!
It is very well designed and she is very happy.

Amazing ukulele gig bag!

I just received my new Fusion Urban Concert/Tenor Ukulele Bag. What a beautiful and practical design! It’s light and strong and has a very protective interior. I know I am going to enjoy using it. The ordering and delivery process was very quick and easy, even with delivery to the middle of Canada! I am extremely impressed with the whole process and, of course, the product. Thank-you!

Top !

It is a very good product and it arrives on time. I am completely satisfied with the bag and the delivery.

Tenor Saxophone Sleeve

Premium Euphonium Bag
Gerald Hendrickson
Premium Euphonium Bag

I'm very pleased with the euphonium bag. I love that I can get the instrument and everything else in and out of the bag without laying it down and taking up more, often limited, backstage space. The quality of the new bag seems even better than the bass trombone bag I have been using continuously since 2013. I can get everything I usually schlep around with inside the bag (music, water, lubes, lap pad etc). Love the bag!

Urban Cornet Bag
Leah Taylor

Urban Cornet Bag

Excellent Gig Bag

I’m really happy with this gig bag. It’s very well made and offers an excellent level of protection for my trumpet. I also purchased the fuse-on bag to hold my mutes and other accessories. The whole setup is fantastic! There are plenty of pockets to hold just about everything I could ever need with me. Highly recommended.

Quality products! And very nice and helpfull staff.

One That Lasts!

Have been using an F9 bag for 10 years that has been subject to constant abuse through more than a thousand gig. Still holding together but is "beginning" to show some signs of wear. Still 100% functional. Just bought replacement so that I have it when needed. May be another 10 years but this is the only gig bag that I will use for my Hammond SK2.

Faria falta una butxaca per poder posar les partitures DINA4

It is a great bag and has all the features, space and protection for the instruments as advertised

Great bag - has space and room in pockets for gear. Instruments are well padded and protected and true space for 2 instruments - not 1 1/2 like other double bags


This is the 3rd Fusion bag I have purchased. I own three keyboards and now they all live inside these cases. They are light, yet they protect the keyboard and I don't have to worry about it. I've even flown with the small keyboard and I've had to check it a few times. Not a scratch. These cases are the best!!

Bass guitar double gig bag

Fantastic bag holds everything I need from bass guitar and electric guitar to all my cables etc.
Great quality sturdy to keep everything safe and secure.

A Great Baritone Ukulele Gig Bag

I now have four Fusion ukulele gig bags (Double Concert/Tenor, Double Baritone/Bass, Single Concert/Tenor, and Single Baritone/Bass). I think the Fusion gig bags are simply the best around. Great protection, lots of carrying space, and they look cool too.

Just Fit for mandolin

Of course it's perfect for a ukulele base, but it's just a fit for my Gibson mandolin as well.

Excellent bag

Brilliant bag, only improvement would be studs on base of bag