10 Gifts for Your Musician Friends & Family

Musician Christmas Gifts

When it comes to buying gifts for your professional musician friends and family, finding something that they'll find useful can be tough.

Whether you are musical yourself or not, it can be difficult to select a gift that they can use every day in their work as a professional or gigging musician. 

That’s why we’ve put together a “Christmas gift guide” of our top ten musical gifts this holiday season.

From serious pieces of musical kit to fun stocking fillers, we’ve put together a list of gifts that are sure to be well received on Christmas morning. 


1 – A Fusion Bags Gig Bag

A sturdy gig bag is one of the most important pieces of kit a musician can own (besides their instruments of course), so buying a new bag for Christmas is a great option, and we “just so happen” to have one or two available.

Fusion Gig Bag

Our Fusion gig bags offer excellent protection with a modern, stylish design. They’re designed with the touring musician in mind and are available for everyone from guitarists to DJs.

You can pick up a Fusion gig bag from our store.


2 – A Custom Made Ukulele

A musical instrument is a gift that will bring joy for years to come. Tinguitar ukuleles are hand-made in the heart of the Yorkshire Pennines by experienced luthier Rob Collins.


Rob Collins Ukulele


Rob Collins is known throughout the ukulele world for his beautifully crafted instruments. For more information contact Rob at Tin Guitar.


3 - A Fuse-On Bag

If the musician you’re buying for already has one of our Fusion gig bags, maybe a “Fuse-On” bag would be the perfect addition?

Fuse-on Bag

They can attach to many of our bags and provide extra storage space when needed. A “Fuse-On” bag means your musical friend or family member doesn’t have to drag around extra bags when carrying additional gear.

You can pick one up from our online store.


4 – A Fusion Gift Card

Shopping for someone else but not sure what to buy them? Give them the gift of choice with a Fusion Bags Gift Card.

You can purchase Fusion gift cards easy and conveniently on our store.

Gift Card

5 - A Fusion Headphone Pouch 

Headphones are an increasingly important part of a professional musician’s kit, and this handy headphone pouch makes for the perfect stocking filler, keeping everything secure and ready to go.

Headphone Pouch

It’s water resistant, with enough space inside for headphones, as well as cables and a mobile phone.

You can pick one up from our online store.


6 - A Piece of Bespoke Cymbal Art

Moving away from gear that a musician can use, to something that’s been put to another use, these bespoke painting cymbals are a great Christmas gift for a drummer or any professional musician.

Cymbal Art

Designed and made by artist Josh Stadlen, each design is painted directly onto a reclaimed cymbal for a great, unique piece of art that any music fan will enjoy. 

You can pick one up from Josh Stalden's store. 


7 - A Fusion Bag Rain Cover

At this time of year, a rain cover might be a low-cost stocking filler, but it may be a godsend for your professional musician friend.

Rain Cover

Our rain covers provide some extra protection against the elements, whether walking home from a gig or running for the train. They also have a reflective Fusion logo on the front, making this a practical gift that’s great for a commuting musician. 

You can pick one up from our online store.


8 - 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die

For any music fan or professional musician, this book of 1001 albums to hear before you die makes for great reading. 

1001 Albums

Diehard musicians will find some of their favourite work in here, and probably discover something new as well. This could be great for reading in the days off touring around Christmas, or on the road throughout the year. 

You can pick one up from Amazon.


9 - A Ticket to a Concert or Music Festival

What musician wouldn’t love to receive a ticket to a music festival or concert of their favourite band? Find out what music your friends or family love and you’re never short of a good gift during the festive season.


10 - A Fusion Laptop Bag

It’s becoming more and more important for travelling musicians to carry laptops, whether it’s as part of their performance or just to keep up to date with work. 

Laptop Bag

One of our Fusion laptop bags is perfect for carrying a laptop around on the road. They’ll offer great protection and match their Fusion gig bag too. 

Available in multiple sizes and colours and packed with storage space for all of those accessories, a Fusion laptop bag makes for the perfect Christmas gift. 

You can pick one up from our online store.


Get Your Christmas Shopping Started

So, there you have it, our top ten gifts for your musician friend or family member this holiday season. All that’s left to do is put your list together and start shopping.

If you need any help buying for your musician friend this Christmas, or you’re not sure which of our bags would be the best option, just get in touch with our team on Facebook or Twitter.

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