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Artist Spotlight: Snow Owl - Bass Player, Virtuoso, Musical Genius

Snow OwlI’m thinking how to start the intro for this article on an amazing artist, after reading my notes it’s becoming clear that one word doesn’t quite fit-all.

There’s ‘virtuoso’ (a person highly skilled in music) or ‘musical genius’ (an exceptional intellectual with creative powers and natural abilities within musical creations) and ‘erudition’ (the quality of having and showing great knowledge within learning and the ability to teach).

Let’s leave it at that then, as they all narrate in fine detail to the extraordinary talents of Colombian born Juan García-Herreos, master of the electric Contrabass guitar. Juan does indeed have it all backed up with numerous prestigious musical awards, including the first electric bassist to receive a nomination for the highest recognition by all major bass and music publications for work with the Contrabass bass guitar.

It’s All About That Bass

In the hierarchy of coolness in your average rock band these days, you have the singer at the top and the lead guitarists come next. More often than not, the bottom tier is left for the bassist and the drummer to fight over. For years bassists have lived in the shadow of the lead guitarist, but when you think about it, this doesn’t make much sense.