10 Bass Players Who Love Fusion Gig Bags / Cases

10 Bassist who love Fusion Bass Cases

Far from holding low-profile positions at the back of the band, many groups are now fronted by incredible bass players. All of these touring bass guitarists needs somewhere to keep their prized possession safe while on the road, and many are choosing Fusion Bags.

With no time for hard, bulky cases designed as a one-size-fits-all solution, opting for a Fusion gig bag means bass players can be flexible, adaptable and cope with the stresses of travel.

Here are ten of the world’s finest bass players who are delighted to have discovered Fusion gig bags to transport their favourite basses from the subtle to the ‘off the wall’ designs. 


SNOW OWL, Columbia & Austria 

Snow Owl as Bass Soloist at the Hans Zimmer Concert in Manchester, UK
Juan Garcia-Herreros, also known by his stage name "Snow Owl", is a world-renowned Latin Grammy Nominated electric bassist.

Described as a musical genius, Columbian born Snow Owl, has been honoured with numerous prestigious awards. These include three Golden Global Music Award medals and the first electric bassist to receive a nomination for the highest recognition, by all major bass and music publications for his work and virtuosity with the Contrabass bass guitar.

The Contrabass itself is a fine example of modern day technology, the superior craftsmanship and large bodied, multi-string bass guitar, fits perfectly within the Urban Series gig bags.

Juan has been chosen by Oscar Winning composer Hans Zimmer to perform electric bass in the highly popular 'The World of Hans Zimmer Symphonic Celebration Tour'.

You can find out more about Snow Owl by checking out our Artist Spotlight here.


REMCO HENDRIKS, The Netherlands Remco

Dutch bassist Remco Hendriks is best known for his online ‘Remco’s Groove Lab’ performance videos of his solo work, where viewing figures are now in the multi-millions. Exhibiting his own mesmerising thumb and fingerpicking technique with pull-offs and double stops a speciality, Remco is, without doubt, the master of the fretless bass.

Now travelling the world extensively for months at a time, Remco is confident that his favourite bass guitars are safely cocooned in his Fusion Urban Double Bass Gig Bag.

You can learn more about Remco by reading our Artist Spotlight.



Ariane Cap is literally a one-woman source of ‘all things bass guitar.’

Having played in countless bands with so many high-profile artists around the world and in a variety of styles that include fusion, funk, jazz, rock, psychedelic rock, indie rock, acoustic African, flamenco and classical, Ariane is also a multi-instrumentalist, educator and composer.

Her bass tuition websites are among the most popular online, whilst playing ‘Chamber Jazz’ with a bassoon player in her duo called ‘Oon’, sum up Ariane’s incredible artistry as a bassist.



Philadelphia Soul, often called Philly Soul, has never really gone away and The Stylistics are still touring and performing their classics hits with great lyrics and catchy hook line choruses.

Beneath the vocal harmonies, Terrynce Rucker provides the low-end with his distinctive, funk-influenced melodic bass lines. Along with his long-term role within the band, Terrynce has performed bass duties with the likes of New Edition, Bobby Brown, Blackstreet, ZZ Hill and Big Mama Thornton to name just a few, proving he is one of the most sought-after bassists in the business. He does, of course, adore his Urban Bass Guitar Bag.



New York City bassist Jordan Scannella (aka Jorscan), took up the electric bass guitar as an eighth-grader at the School for Creative and Performing Arts.

He later studied at the Berkeley College of Music in Boston, where he was awarded the Bass Department Achievement Award. Needless to say, freelance bass players of this calibre are in demand as band members and session players.

He’s played with the Broadway version of The Lion King and is now touring with Broadway’s new ‘Hamilton’ musical production and still finds time to play with his highly successful bands Tortured Soul and People’s Chance.

For Jordan, it’s Fusion Bags all the way.

You can read more about Jordan Scannella by reading our Artist Spotlight



Born and raised in Rochester, New York, two time Grammy Award winning John Dillard, has been described as ‘bassist to the stars’.

It’s John’s creative energy on the electric or acoustic bass that places him top of the list as the ‘must have bass player’ when ‘A’ list artists perform in his hometown in Charlotte, North Carolina.

John’s playing style covers a multiple of musical genres, his influences include Jaco Pastorius, Marcus Miller and Nathan East amongst so many, but he credits his early influences to his father.

No matter what artist is in town, their comments are pretty much the same every time…” John Dillard is one of the top R&B/jazz bass players on the scene today.”


EMMA RICHARDSON, United Kingdom (Band of Skulls) 

English rock band, Band Of Skulls form a firm footing within their musical roots, aims and desires.

Band Of Skulls are British 3 piece rock band through and through and now a headline act around the world. With Russell Marsden on guitar, Emma Richardson on bass and Julian Dorio on drums.

Their debut album ‘Baby Darling Doll Face Honey’ released in ‘09, was the breakthrough album, the first of four so far, ‘By Default’ being the latest released in 2016. On albums, and especially live, the harmony rock vocal blend between bassist Emma Richardson and guitarist Russell Marsden is a joy in itself.

Whilst Emma has a major role in the band's songwriting, she’s totally at home on stage with her beloved Fender Precision bass.

You can learn more about Emma Richardson by reading her Artist Spotlight.


AHMAD HANI, Turkey Ahmed

Self-taught bassist Ahmad Hani started playing bass at the age of 21.

Over the years, he’s developed his own style that shines within his musical creativity, a prime reason why he’s a widely used bassist and a successful composer.

Raised in Dubai, from an early age, Ahmed had the ability to absorb different mindsets and musical traditions. Having travelled the world playing over 5,000 concerts, TV shows and workshops in 25 countries, it’s almost impossible to categorise Ahmad’s distinctive playing style which includes rock, pop, R&B, funk, jazz, Arabic-fusion, Latin music and heavy metal.

You can learn more about Ahmad Hani by reading our Artist Spotlight interview.



Esteemed South African bassist, Bakithi Kumalo started his bass career at the grand old age of… seven!

Little did he know at the time, the likes of Paul Simon would later call upon his bass duties for studio recordings, including his 1986 album Graceland and, gain the first position as bassist in Paul Simon’s touring band, including his 2017 summer tour.

Bakithi has also earned a name in the music industry not just as an incredible fretless bass player, but also a vocalist, who has worked with a wide variety of artists including Tedeshi-Trucks Band, Gloria Estefan, Herbie Hancock, Cyndi Lauper and Harry Belafonte and in between, has managed to release a string of credible solo albums.


EDGAR MUZAH, South Africa Edgar

Zimbabwe-born, Edgar Muzah was lucky enough to study Ethnomusicology as a child and was mentored by the great mbira player Chaka Chawasarira.

Now a professional bass player, songwriter, record producer and has graced some of the biggest stadiums in the world, Edgar has never forgotten the help, courage and support he was given within music education and to this day, is still a problem in underprivileged schools in South Africa.

His Notes of Hope program set up in 2016, offers students the chance and the privilege of instrumental tuition with an insight into further education within music.

You can find out more about Edgar by reading our Artist Spotlight here.


Time for a Fusion Bags Bass Bag of Your Own?

With so many great bass players choosing Fusion Bags, now is the perfect time to upgrade your own bag and keep your prized bass guitar safe on the road.

Take a look at the range of Fusion Bags Bass Guitar Bags in our online store. 


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