At Fusion Bags, you can pick up a large range of gig bag accessories, from internal padded sleeves for keeping things safe and secure, to headphone pouches that are perfect for all headphone users, including professional DJs. These accessories can prove very useful, providing vital assistance when you need it most. Be sure to check out our range of gig bag accessories and add-ons:

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We want to help you keep your precious instruments as well protected as possible. Musicians will love our instrument sleeves, made from non-scratch nylon material to keep your instrument safe from bumps and bruises. Grab handles make them easy to carry or remove from a bag, and you’ll even be able to store your instrument alongside other instruments.


Rain Covers For Instruments

It’s easy to get caught out while you’re travelling to practice or a gig, and we’ve all been surprised by the rain at some point. With Fusion Bags’ waterproof rain covers, you’ll be able to keep your instrument safe from the wet weather. Our rain covers are also reflective, perfect for when you’re travelling with your instrument after dark. No one will be able to access the pockets of your gig bags either, when you use our rain covers, deterring would-be thieves.

We provide accessories and add-ons for all types of instruments, including pouches for French Horn players that offer the ultimate protection. Externally, the pouch is made from non-scratch nylon material, and the inside is lined with a soft non-fibrous velvet mix material, so your instrument can be safely tucked away.