If you are a gigging euphonium player, you’re guaranteed to need a bag that can effectively protect your instrument when travelling and commuting. Fusion Bags are dedicated to engineering brass gig bags that make travelling with an instrument easy. There’s no need to struggle with a heavy and awkward gig bag as you commute to auditions and performances. The euphonium gig bags from Fusion Bags are designed to be strong, secure and comfortable with an array of adaptable features. Choose our premium euphonium gig bag today to make travelling simple.

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Here at Fusion Bags, we understand the needs and demands of professional musicians on the move. We know that your valuable and delicate instrument will need maximum protection on the move to prevent damage. Musicians will also be searching for a gig bag that offers ease-of-use, as well as plenty of space for extra equipment and travelling necessities. We are proud to be able to offer euphonium players with a lightweight brass gig bag which features an ergonomic design. Travel in style and comfort with an instrument bag that suits all of your needs and specifications.

Brass Gig Bags

Our brass gig bags are famously tough on the outside as they are constructed from non PVC backed water resistant rip-stop material. This will offer your euphonium maximum protection against any scuffs and abrasions during travel. With a robust rubberised base and corner protectors, our premium euphonium gig bag will even protect your instrument if it is dropped or handled heavily in transit. With a soft non-scratch velvet lining, the gig bag interior is just as safe as the exterior. Our brass gig bags are designed to last, which is why we are confident you will love the durability and security your euphonium gig bag will offer.

The reason that so many professional musicians love our gig bags is due to their unbeatable functionality and usability. Your premium euphonium gig bag comes with three convenient pockets for sheet music, mouthpieces, valve oils and any other necessary accessories. You can even attach one of our specially designed accessory bags to your euphonium gig bag as part of our intelligent Fuse On system. This will give you ample space for clothes, laptops and any other travel necessities. Carry your euphonium gig bag as a comfortable padded backpack or by the soft-yet-robust rubberised handles. Either way, you will love how easy it is to transport your euphonium.

Instrument Bags from Fusion Bags

We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality gig bags to musicians that travel with their instruments on a regular basis. Getting from A to B with a large brass instrument can often be a challenge, especially on public transport. However, at Fusion Bags we want to change the way that musicians travel with their instruments. With your instrument comfortably strapped to your back in a specialised instrument bag, you will be able to reach your audience with complete ease. Modern musicians need to be on the move and our products are engineered to suit. Buy your euphonium gig bag here today.