At Fusion Bags, our aim is to create functional gig bags featuring innovative design. With extensive experience in the music industry, we understand the struggles of gigging musicians. Heavy and hard French horn cases can be a nightmare to carry on public transport, by foot or by bike. If you are a professional musician looking for a new French horn bag, look no further than Fusion Bags. You are guaranteed to love the useable features and sturdy construction of our bags that will make commuting simple and keep your instrument safe.

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Travelling to concerts, gigs or even street performances will mean getting your French horn from A to B securely. At Fusion Bags, you will never have to sacrifice security for comfort – our brass instrument gig bags deliver both. Using only the best materials and ergonomic design our gig bags are lightweight, comfortable and durable. Your French horn will be protected whilst you travel with a sleek and subtle bag, whilst your instrument is safely stowed inside.

Brass Instrument Gig Bags

Here at Fusion Bags, we are incredibly proud of the protection that our brass instrument gig bags can offer you. Our bags are famously tough on the outside and reassuringly safe on the inside. Your French horn bag will be engineered using water resistant non PVC backed material. With high density foam padding and a reinforced base, your French horn gig bag will be perfectly placed to resist knocks and heavy-handed handling. With specialised bell protection, you won’t need to worry about the delicate areas of your French horn being damaged.

The lightweight foam shell and a soft non-scratch velvet mix lining means you won’t need to worry about your instrument incurring any damage whilst on the move. At Fusion Bags, we understand that professional musicians need as much storage space as possible, which is why our French horn bags feature plenty of pockets and our ‘Fuse-On’ accessory bag feature. Pack sheet music, mouthpieces, valve oils and extra equipment in your spacious pockets or your easily attachable accessory bag.

Instrument Bags from Fusion Bags

At Fusion Products, we want to provide professional musicians with a gig bag that fits in with their mobile lifestyle. We believe there is a better way to transport your instrument rather than using out-dated hard shell cases and unsuitable rucksacks. If you are a French horn player and you are searching for the perfect baggage solution – you can rely on Fusion Bags. We have engineered a brass instrument gig bag that is specifically designed to suit you and your lifestyle. If you would like to learn more, feel free to contact us today.